Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Letter (Surat)

Ada 2 macam Letter (surat) yaitu formal letter (surat resmi) dan informal letter (surat tidak resmi). Salah satu bentuk informal letter adalah personal letter (surat pribadi).

Dilihat dari strukturnya,surat biasanya terdiri dari bagian-bagian sebagai berikut:
 Heading (alamat si pengirim)
 Date (tanggal dibuatnya surat)
 Greeting (salam pembuka)
 Body of the letter (isi surat)
 Complimentary close (salam penutup)
 Signature and name (tanda tangan dan nama)

Contoh surat pribadi :

My dear wife,
I’ve got an urgent assignment to Mount Ijen. His Majesty asked me to find a magic flower there. I ask your permission to let me go. I am really sorry since I cannot tell you this news in person.
It will be a long and hard journey, but I promise I will back as soon as possible. Please pray for me and keep your faith for me.

With love,


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