Sunday, February 27, 2011


Untuk mengakhiri percakapan kita biasa mengucapkan :

Closing :
Nice to meet you
Nice to see you again
Pleased to meet you
Fancy meeting you
I have to go. See you!
Good night!
Good bye
Have a nice (weekend)
Bye (Bye-bye)
See you later.
See you tomorrow
See you again
See you next time

Responses :
Nice to meet you too
Nice to see you
Pleased to meet you too
Fancy meeting you
O.K. See you
Good night !
Good bye
You, too
Bye (Bye-bye)
See you
See you
See you
See you

Task 1 ( Speaking ) : Practice the dialogue with your partner !

Ziyad : Hello. Is your name Zaid ?
Zain : No, it isn’t. My name is Zain. And what’s your name ?
Ziyad : My name is Ziyad. I live on Jalan Sultan Badarudin, and what about you ?
Zain : Well, I live in on Jalan Karangsambung.
Ziyad : Listen ! The bell is ringing. Good bye, Zain.
Zain : Good bye, see you tomorrow.

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