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Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris 2011

Choose the correct answer!


1. What does the text mean?
a. Electrical shock will make us experienced
b. It is forbidden to open the cover of thee radio
c. We must be careful to open the cover of radio
d. It is hazardous to open the body of electrical appliance

2. People usually see this sign on the following places, except ...
a. Door of a house.
b. The cover of radio.
c. The outer body of television.
d. The cover of electrical devices.

Dear the Rudy's,
I'd like to give congratulation on your first baby. I hope it complete your bright and smile days.
Yours faithfully,

3. The word "bright and smile days" means....
a. brightness
b. greatness
c. surprising
d. happiness

4. The text tells us about....
a. Rudy greeted Rina
b. Rina had a new baby
c. Rudy's family got a new baby
d. Rina had bright and smile days

Text for number 5 - 7

Dear Tomi,
Our aunt Maria got an accident this morning. She is waiting for the operation in Harapan hospital now. It is scheduled at 10 am.
Our family will be waiting for it there before ten.
Don't be in hurry as you're out of town.
She's going to stay in the hospital for days after the operation.


5. According to the message, Tina asks that Tomi....
a. wait for the operation
b. come to the hospital soon
c. never come to the hospital
d. may come after the operation

6. "it is scheduled at 10 am." What does the word "it" refers to?
a. hospital
b. accident
c. operation
d. Tom's town

7. Tina is probably Tomi's ......
a. mother
b. friend
c. sister
d. aunt

Text for number 8- 10

Date: March 17th 2011
To   : Renata

The day will be more beautiful if you come to my 15th birthday party. It will be held on March 21st 2011 at 7 p.m. Please come at Mentari cafe. I'm really looking forward to seeing you there.


8. What does the text tell us about?
a. Denada invites Renata to come to her birthday party
b. Renata is going to celebrate her birthday party
c. Denada is going to have dinner at Mentari cafe
d. Renata is going to have a party at Mentari cafe

9. When will Denada hold the party?
a. At late night
b. In the evening
c. In the morning
d. In the afternoon

10. Denada was born in ......
a. 1998
b. 1997
c. 1996
d. 1995

Text for questions 11 to 13


To: All students of SMP Bina Bangsa

In the framework of National Education Day the students Board Organization will hold some interesting program. They are English Speech Contest, Class Wall Magazine Competition. The program will be held on May 2nd, 2011, started from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. All classes must take part in the programs.
For detailed information, please contact :
Mr. Andi the coordinator of this program.

11. What is the announcement about?
a. An English Speech Contest.
b. A National Day Celebration.
c. Students Board Organization.
d. A National Education Day Ceremony.

12. Based on the announcement above, these statements are correct, except ...
a. The program will be held on National Education Day.
b. Mr. Andi is in charge to organize the programs.
c. There are two competitions will be held.
d. The programs will last for 4 hours.

13. "All classes must take part in the programs". The underlined word has the same meaning as ....
a. visit
b. attend
c. gather
d. participate

Text for questions number 14 to 17

My best friend
I have a special friend. She is my classmate and sits beside me. Her name is Riana. Riana is a quiet girl and very simple on the look. However, I really adore her. She is not only kind but also tough.
Riana comes from a very simple family. Her father is horse cart driver and her mother is a housewife. She has a brother. His name is Roni. In order to help their father, Riana and Roni work part time to earn some money. Riana sells food during our class break, while Roni sells newspaper after school.
One thing that I always admire about her is that she can manage her time well and she always looks cheerful.

14. Where did the writer sit?
a. In front of Riana
b. Far from Riana.
c. Behind Riana.
d. Next to Riana.

15. "She has a brother." What does the word she refer to?
a. Ron
b. Riana
c. Mother
d. The writer

16. What does the second paragraph tell us about?
      a. Riana and the writer
b. Riana and her family
c. Riana and her brother
d. Riana and her friends

17. In order to help their father, Riana and her brother work part time to earn some money. What does the underlined words mean?
a. Work for family.
b. Work for the whole day.
c. Work for only part of day or week,
d. Work for the purpose of getting much money.

Read the text carefully then answer the questions 18 to 22

It was mother birthday Sunday. On Friday my sister and I went shopping at the mall. We bought a nice shirt. Then we wrapped it in a green paper. Green is my mother's favorite color.
On Saturday morning, my brother and 1 helped my sister making a birthday cake in the kitchen. It was a big and beautiful cake. 1 wrote "Happy birthday" on it. After that, my brother put some chocolate and ornaments on the top of the cake.
On Sunday evening; my uncle and my aunt came to my house. They bought several bottles of soft-drink and present for my mother. Then we sat together in the sitting room.
Finally, my mother cut the cake while we were singing a 'Happy Birthday' song for her. After giving each of us a piece of cake, she opened the presents. And she was happy.

18. What is the purpose of the text above?
a. Describing a birthday party.
b. Telling about a mother's party.
c. Sharing experience about a party.
d. Informing a 'Happy Birthday' song.

19. When did the writer's mother have her birthday?
a. Last Friday.
b. Last Sunday.
c. Last Saturday.
d. Saturday morning.

20. "Then we wrapped it in a green paper". What does the italic word refer to?
a. The writer and his sister
b. The writer and his father
c. The writer and his mother
d. The writer and his brother

21. According to the text we know that the birthday party he'd at...
a. kitchen
b. dining room
c. the writer's home
d. mail near their house

22. "...she opened the present”. What is the closest meaning of "present'?
a. gift
b. cake
c. price
d. goods

The text for numbers 23 – 26

Switching On

1. Switch on the TV and DVD Player
2. Set the TV to the correct Video in channel (e.g, EXT 1, EXT 2, AV 1, AV 2, AUDIO/VIDEO, etc. Please refer to your TV owner's manual for detail).

The player display light and the default screen appear on the TV

3. If you are using an external equipment (e.g. audio system or receiver), turn them on and select the appropriate input. Source that was used to connect to the DVD player output refers to the equipment owner's manual for detail.

Basic Playback

1. Press Power On /off on the front panel
2. Press OPEN / CLOSE on the front panel to open disc loading tray.
3. Place the chosen disc in the tray, with the label facing up
4. Press OPEN /CLOSE again to close the tray.

After recognizing this disc the player begins to playback automatic ling.

23. What is the goal of the text?
a. How to operate television.
b. How to operate a computer.
c. How to operate VCD Player.
d. How to operate DVD Player.

24. How do we open the disc loading tray?
a. Place the chosen disc in the tray, with the label facing up.
b. Press the OPEN / CLOSE on the front panel.
c. Press the power On / Off on the front panel.
d. Select the appropriate input.

25. What should we do if we are using an external equipment?
a. Press the power On / Off on the front panel.
b. Turn them on and select the appropriate input.
c. Refer to the equipment owner's manual for detail.
d. Place the chosen disc in the tray, with the label facing up.

26. "Please refer to your TV owner's manual for detail." What is the synonym of the underlined word?
a. Receipt
b. Package
c. Guidebook
d. Acknowledgement

Text for numbers 27 - 30
The Wild Swans
There was once a king who had eleven sans and one daughter. Her name was Elisa. Sadly, their mother died. The king chose a new wife, but she was wicked.
The new queen sent the brothers and Elisa away. But before they went, she tried to change the boys into ugly birds. Instead, they turned into beautiful wild swans.
One night Elisa dreamed that she flew to a fairy's castle. "How can I help my brothers?" she asked the fairy.
The fairy told her to gather stinging nettles that grew in a dark scary grave yard. With these she must make eleven shirts.
As Elisa left the dream castle, the fairy said, "You must not speak from the moment you begin this task until it is finished. If you do, your brothers will all die."
When Elisa woke up, she went to nearby graveyard and picked all the nettles she could find. They stung her hands till other was red. As she worked, she never spoke to her brother.
In a few days, the shirts were done. She put them on the eleven swans, and there stood the eleven princes. The spell was broken. Soon they sent the evil queen far away.

27. What is the main idea of paragraph two?
a. Each evening, the swan became princes and turned back into swans
b. The queen sent king's children away from the castle
c. The queen changed king's children into eleven birds
d. The queen changed the boys and Elisa into swans

28. How many sons did the king have?
a. 11
b. 12
c. 13
d. 14

29. Why did Elisa never speak to her brothers? Because ......
a. her brother were birds, they could not speak
b. if she spoke to them, they will die
c. the nettle stung her hands
d. she was busy working

30. "Soon they sent the evil queen far away." What does the word "they" refer to?
a. Princess.
b. Elisa and princes.
c. Elisa, princes and their mother.
d. Elisa, princes, their mother, and the fairy.

The text for numbers 31-33
YOU. C 1000
Vitamin Lemon
Healthy inside
Fresh outside
In a bottle (140 ml) contains:
Vitamin C 100 mg
Energy 65 cal
Protein 0 g
Fat 0 g
Carbohydrate 16 g
Sugar 6 g
Natrium 99 g
Vitamin B1 1.0 g
Vitamin E 23 g
Niacin 2.3 g
Under license by House Wellness Foods Japan

31. What does YOU. C 1000 mostly contain?
      a. Carbohydrate
b. Vitamin C
c. Natrium
d. Niacin

32. While drinking the product, it will taste...
a. flavor
b. sweet
c. salty
d. sour

33. "Under license by House Wellness Foods Japan" The underlined phrase means that YOU. C 1000 is .... by House Wellness Foods Japan.
a. supervised
b. produced
c. imported
d. exported

Text for number 34 - 37

Snakes are reptiles. They belong to the same group as lizards but form a sub group of their own.
Snakes are not slimy. They are covered in scales which are just bumps on the skin. Their skin is hard and glossy to reduce friction as the snake slithers along the ground.
Snakes often sun bake on the rocks in the warm weather. This is because snakes are cold blooded and they need the sun's warmth to heat their body up.
Most snakes live in the country. Some type of snakes live in trees, some live in water, but most live on the ground deserted rabbit burrows, in thick, long grass and in old logs .
A snake's diet usually consists of frogs, lizards and mice and other snakes. The Anaconda can eat small crocodiles and even wild boars.

34. What is the main idea of paragraph four?
a. The habitat of snakes
b. The kinds of snakes
c. The country snakes
d. The ground snakes

35. What do snakes have for their meals?
a. leaves of trees
b. frogs and lizards
c. thick and long grass
d. crocodiles and old logs

36. Why do snakes like sunbathing in the warm weather?
a. To heat their body up
b. To make their blood cold
c. To make them live longer
d. To help them to catch their meals

37. Their skin is hard and glossy to reduce friction as the snake slithers along the ground. What does the word glossy mean?
a. smooth and shiny
b. smooth and dark
c. dark and rough
d. dark and shiny

Text for questions 38 - 40


Purchase staff
  • male
  • max 28 years old
  • min. D3 (Economic)
  • able to operate computer good personality
  • expected in purchase administration experience


38. What is the advertisement about?
a. Application
b. Traveling
c. Vacancy
d. Holiday

39. "...... located in Medan is looking for... ." The underlined words have the same meaning to....
a. seeking
b. helping
c. needing
d. watching

40. "Send your application, CV with expected” The word "your" refers to....
a. the applicant
b. the manager
c. the reader
d. the writer

The text for numbers 41- 43

Dear Andika,
Hello Andika. How are you? I will be in Jakarta on Monday 21st. My father and I will watch the final cup of Indonesian League Football Championship at Gelora Senayan on May 22nd I will be glad if you can book a room with a double bed for me and my father for three days in Sari Pacific Hotel. One more request: Would it be possible to obtain two tickets for us? I realize that this may be difficult, but I would be grateful if you could try.
I look forward to meeting you on May 21St
Yours, Johan

41. What is the purpose of Johan coming to Jakarta?
a. To stay in Sari Pacific Hotel.
b. To ask Andika to buy tickets.
c. To look forward to meeting Andika.
d. To watch the final cup of football championship.

42. "... and will be glad if you can book a room with double bed for me and my father in Sari Pasific Hotel". What is the synonym of the underlined word?
a. Reserve.
b. Take.
c. Rent.
d. Get.

43. When will Johan check out from the hotel?
a. On May 21St
b. On May 22nd
c. On May 23rd
d. On May 24th

Fill in the blanks for numbers 44 - 46

The coconut palm is a common tree in all tropical (44).... It is a tree without ... (45). It grows very tall and has a crown of leaves. It can grow up to fifteen meters tall. They can live up to sixty years. The first flower and fruits are... (46) after five years.

a. weather
b. season
c. climate
d. temperature

a. roots
b. leaves
c. trunks
d. branches

a. produce
b. produces
c. produced
d. producing

47. talent - young - her - from a very - Gita - ageshowed
         1          2          3            4               5        6          7

The correct arrangement of the words above is
a. 5-7-3-1-4-2-6
b. 5-7-1-6-5-4-6
c. 5-7-3-6-4-2-1
d. 5-7-1-4-2-3-6

48. when - out - switch - the - off - you - liqht – are
  1         2         3        4       5     6        7        8

The best arrangement for the words above is ....
a. 1-6-8-5-3-4-7-2
b. 3-5-6-8-1-4-7-2
c. 1-4-7-8-5-3-6-2
d. 3-5-4-7-1-6-8-2

49. Arrange the sentences into a good text!
1. Then, summer was over, winter came. They had nothing to eat. Tom and Terra cried and sighed. They went to an ant and begged for food.
2. Tom and Terra were two young grasshoppers. They lived together and they always sang in fine weather.
3. Tom and Terra had to go home. Although too late, they learnt a lesson.
4. The ant said, "I can't give you anything. But tell me why you didn't lay some food for the winter." The grasshoppers said, "We sang and sang we were cheerful." The wise ant said, "You sang in summer, now winter comes. We, ants, neither lend nor borrow. While enjoying today we think of tomorrow."

a. 2-1-3-4
b. 2-3-4-1
c. 2-3-1-4
d. 2-1-4-3

50. Arrange the sentences into a meaningful text!
1. Since then, I collected the stamps when I got letter from my friends.
2. My hobby is stamp collecting.
3. The stamp was very beautiful and interesting.
4. I began to collect stamps when I got a letter from my grandfather.
5. It interested me and attracted me to collect it.

a. 2-4-3-5-1
b. 2-4-1-3-5
c. 2-3-5-4-1
d. 2-3-4-1-5

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