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Soal UN Bahasa Inggris 2004 PAKET B


1.     Where does Zulham live?
a. In Jakarta                  c. In Penang
b. In Singapore             d. In Kuala Lumpur
2.     What does the text tell us about? It’s about a/an … of Zulham
a. member card             c. description
b. nationally card         d. application
3.     The wrong statement based on the text is …
a. Zulham was born in Singapore
b. Zulham is from Indonesia
c. Zulham is short and heavy
d. Zulham has black hair and brown eyes
Betty :    What do you do in your spare time?
Seno :     I like reading, I read comic, magazines, and others. And you?
Betty :    I do too. I always read novels.
Seno :     How do you get them?
Betty :    My old sister lends me the novels. She gets them from the book store or she borrows them from her friends.
Betty :    Do your families like reading, too?
Betty :    All of my families like reading. They often get reading material from internet, besides they borrow from the library and buy them at the book store.
4.     How many persons take in the dialogue?
a. Two                                  c. Four
b. Three         d. Five
5.     What do Betty and Seno do in their spare time?
a. Going to the book stores
b. Meeting their school friends
c. Lending the magazines and novels
d. Reading magazines, novels, and others.
6.     “What do you do in your spare time?”
The underlined words mean …
a. leisure time                    c. long time
b. busy time  d. short time

Look at the picture!
X   :     What is the man like?
Y   :      He has …
1. a turned-up nose and thick moustache
2. a pointed nose and thick moustache
3. thick moustache and curly hair.
4. thick beard
Greengrocer  :     Good morning. Can I help you?
Mrs. Lela       :       I want some … (8); spinach, tomatoes, cauliflower and potatoes.
Greengrocer  :     All right. Here you are.
Mrs. Lela       :       I want some … (9), too; 1 kg of oranges and 2 kg of apples. Do you have some?
Greengrocer  :     Sure. You’ll get the freshet

8.     a. fruits                                 c. noodle
b. meat                                 d. vegetables

9.     a. cooking oil                       c. onions
b. vegetables                      d. fruits
10.  Bu Tuti   :   Let’s start our lesson. Take you book, please.
Ani         : What is it about, Ma’am?
Bu Tuti   :   We will learn about animals …
Ani         :    Yes, Ma’am
a. Don’t be a quiet!
b. Don’t sit on that chair!
c. Have a look a page 10!
d. Keep your room clean!
11.  The members of the Thomas Cup team … on President Megawati at Merdeka Palace.
a. paid a courtesy call
b. were visited ceremonially
c. were received exceptionally
d. accepted an unusual treatment
12.  What does the text tell us about?
a. The reception of Thomas Cup team at Merdeka Palace
b. The courtesy of Heads of states of the President
c. The struggle of the Thomas Cup team in final match
d. The presentation of the Thomas Cup in the palace
13.  Why were the team treated royally?
a. Because they have struggled successfully
b. Because they are loyal to their country
c. Because they won all the matches
d. Because they got many medals
14.  “… Indonesia defeated arch-enemy Malaysia     3-2 …”(par 4). The synonym of the underlined word is …
a. beat                                  c. bite
b. lost                                   d. won
15.  The text above is an advertisement for a …
a. café                                  c. grocery
b. bakery                             d. fruit stall
16.  What does The Best Buffet ‘mainly offer customers?
a. Sundanese food             c. Local dessert
b. Various cakes           d. Fresh fruit
17.  Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage?
a. The Best Buffet is located in the rural area
b. The Best Buffet treat the business relation
c. The Best Buffet is not easy to reach
d. The price is low at The Best Buffet
18.  Look at the picture!
What does the man suffer from?
a. Headache
b. Toothache
c. Measles
d. Cough
19.  Amir   :       Where do your parents live?
Santi   :       They live in a small village
Amir   :       What do they do?
Santi  :        They are … They cultivate our paddy field.
a. carpenters                      c. workers
b. teachers                          d. farmers
20.  Look at the picture!

Many of the spectators were not satisfied with the decision of the referee. The underlined word means people who … event or match.
a. witness                             c. watch
b. observe                           d. play
21.  Aminah  :   Serena and Venus William are good tennis player.
Budi       :    You are right, besides they are sisters
Aminah  :  
Budi       :    Venus does. She seldom makes unforced errors.
a. Which one is your favourite player?
b. Who play more carefully?
c. How can she play tennis?
d. Who can be the winner.
22.  Grandpa   :    What time does your school finish today?
Grandson :    At half past twelve. What’s up Grandpa?
Grandpa   :    On your way home, …
Grandson :    With pleasure, Grandpa.
a. Would you like me to post this letter, please?
b. Can you bring this letter home, please?
c. Please post this letter for me
d. What can you do for me?

As the floor shook and the furniture (23) …, a feeling of disbelief came over Jacques. The vibration (24) … for some time but there didn’t (25) … to be any real damage being done.

23.  a. moves        c. moved
b. move                                d. is moving

24.  a. continue                          c. continued
b. continues                        d. has continued

25.  a. seem                                c. seemed
b. seems                              d. seeming

26.  What does the whole text tell us about?
a. The place of interest in town
b. Asking a friend for an advice
c. The expression of Emily’s feeling
d. An experience during an excursion
27.  Why did Diana …? Because she lost her camera.
a. ask Emily for help
b. have to write everything she saw
c. visit the Law Courts and museum
d. say it was both nicest and worst one
28.  Diana felt a little bit disappointed since she could nit enjoy swimming. Which paragraph tells the idea?
a. One                                  c. Three
b. Two                                  d. Four
29.  Which of the following is NOT CORRECT according to the text?
a. Diana left her camera sit on of the places in town
b. The students were taken both to the seaside and town
c. The students enjoyed both swimming and cruising
d. Diana enjoy being at the Law Courts, Art Gallery and Museum
30.  “… a school excursion to a nearby town.” (paragraph one).
The underlined word mean …
a. a very long and far study tour
b. a short journey for pleasure
c. a picnic outside the country
d. a very short business trip
31.  Zanu  :    Have you booked the tickets?
Riki   :     No, not yet. But it’s easy to get them
Zanu  :     …, you know. It’s a holiday. There must be a lot of people travelling by plane. Probably, they have booked all the tickets.
a. I am sure                          c. It’s possible
b. I doubt that                     d. There is no doubt
32.  Anita :    The express train always comes on time, …?
Bob  :      Yes, of course. Look over there! It’s coming
a. isn’t it                               c. wasn’t it
b. hasn’t it                            d. doesn’t it

Read this report to answer questions 33 to 36

33.  Who submitted the observation report?
a. An employee of Singapore Train Service
b. A passenger who had a bad experience
c. A prominent government official.
d. A member of the general public
34.  The young people were pretending to be a sleep so that …
a. they could avoid giving their seats to elder people
b. they could listen secretly on other passenger talk
c. the train conductor would not check their tickets
d. each of them could have extra seats to lie down
35.  The passengers did not to dash the platform, …
a. the station was not cleaning
b. their train had not arrived yet
c. the escalators were still working
d. they were still on their lunch break
36.  “Eventually I managed to alight by shoving through them.” (last paragraph).
The word “ them “ refers to …
a. a group of office workers
b. the passengers who felt offended
c. the passengers who stood by the door
d. the young people who pretended to sleep
37.  Dewi  :    How was your flight to Bandung?
Putri   :   It was good. The weather was fine
                Did you fly to Semarang
Dewi  :    No, I didn’t. I took a bus, because the bus … is quite reasonable. Let’s have something to eat.
Putri   :   Okay.
a. price                                 c. payment
b. cost                                  d. fare
38.  The train reached the station just in time.
The underlined word means …
a. came out of                     c. departed
b. arrived at                        d. left for
39.  The plane took off at 5 early in the morning and landed at 7.00 at the destination. The flight … two hours to reach the destination.
a. travelled                          c. took
b. saved                               d. flew
40.  Mrs. Tuti  :     … I like it
Mr. Hana  :    Yes, that’s right., I like it too.
                        They really provide us with the 1st class bus
a. What a comfortable bus!
b. What a different bus!
c. What a stuffy bus!
d. What a dirty bus!
41.  Study the pictures of the two vehicles!

1. It is more comfortable to go by a taxi than by a public bus.
2. Travelling by taxi is less efficient than by public bus.
3. It is faster to go by public bus than by a taxi
4. It is cheaper to go by a taxi than by a public bus.
42.  Mother  :   Who checks your passport?
Father   :   
He always checks the passenger’s passports at the airport.
a. The custom officer does
b. The pilot and co-pilot do
c. The immigration officer does
d. The stewards and stewardesses do
Dear Smart Bulletin,
I have been reading your bulletin since a year ago. Through this letter, I’d like to inform you that I found trouble to get your bulletin easily and regularly. I often get it from my friend in Jakarta. I want to get it not from Jakarta but from my city Medan.
Besides, I would like to give you a suggestion. You’d better publish articles about science, too. I think my friends and I as students will be interested in science articles very much.
I also hope you have English conversation club in my city so I can improve my English.
To tell the truth, I’d like to get your bulletin regularly and easily, but how?
Jl. Pahlawan 4
Medan 20218
43.  What is the main purpose of Devi’s letter?
a. To make an English conversation in Medan
b. To Join an English conversation in Medan
c. To get smart bulletin easily and regularly
d. To add some articles about science
44.  Devi is hard to get Smart Bulletin regularly because …
a. she has a friend in Jakarta
b. she lives far from Medan
c. she stays in Jakarta
d. she lives in Medan
45.  Why does Devi suggest Smart to publish science articles? Because she wants to …
a. get Smart easily
b. know more about them
c. have Smarts as many as possible
d. join an English conversation club
46.  Which paragraph tells you that Devi doesn’t know how to get Smart bulletin easily and regularly?
a. Paragraph I                      c. Paragraph III
b. Paragraph II                    d. Paragraph IV

People have already bought (47) … that can provide printed information as well as programs called teletext. It’s like a newspaper that never goes out of date, bringing (48) … all the (49) …news at the touch of the button.

47.  a. newspaper                      c. TV sets
b. magazines                       d. radios

48.  a. supporters                      c. spectators
b. audience                         d. viewers

49.  a. oldest                               c. dated
b. latest                                d. stale

50.  Rahma  :     Which TV station do you like best?
Nadia    :     I like … of them
Rahma  :     Each TV station has good programs to watch
a. all                                      c. none
b. both                                 d. some
51.  Rini subscribes to Bali Post
Rni subscribes to Jakarta Post
We combine the two sentences as …
a. Rini subscribes to Bali Post but also Jakarta Post.
b. Rini subscribes not only to Bali Post and Jakarta Post
c. Rini subscribes to not only Bali Post but also Jakarta Post
d. Rini subscribes to not only Bali Post and also Jakarta Post.
52.  Choose the right statement according to the picture!
a.    The tree has a lot of branches, leaves and fruits.
b. The tree is big, tall and has a lot of leaves
c. The tree does not have any trunk and branches
d. The stem is not as big as its trunk and branches
53.  Arrange the following sentences into a good paragraph!
1. Today there are a lot of bare patches where trees have been cut down and cleared
2. Forest are cleared for farms, mines and settlement
3. trees have been cut down for timber
4. Some years ago the forest in Indonesia looked like an unbroken carpet of green from the air
5. If we don’t stop this, our forest will be gone by the end of this century
a. 4-5-2-1-3                         c. 4-3-1-5-2
b. 4-1-5-2-3                         d. 4-1-3-2-5
54.  Arrange the sentences into a good story based on the following pictures!
1. Nine-year-old Mark Spencer was out for a drive with his father. He is only four feet tall.
2. Mr. Spencer is doing well in hospital and doctors say Mark did the right thing. His mother, Blance spencer says “Thank God he was with his father and not me,” I cant drive
3. Suddenly, Mr. Spencer had heart attack, and stopped the car just in fine
4. Mark then pushed his father across the seat and drove to the nearest hospital.
a. 2, 4, 1, 3                          c. 3, 4, 1, 2
b. 1, 3, 4, 2                          d. 1, 2, 3, 4
55.  What is the most populated country?
a. India                                 c. Brunei
b. China                                d. Indonesia
56.  The least populated country is …
a. China                                c. Thailand
b. Brunei                              d. Indonesia
57.  Which of the statements is CORRECT according to the table?
a. Indonesia’s population is much more than Brunei
b. Indonesia has the second rank of population
c. Indonesia’s population is less than Malaysia
d. Indonesia has the most population in Asia
58.  India is a populous country in the world. China is a populous country in the world. Form the two sentences, we can also say that India is a populous country and …
a. China is not either         c. China is too
b. neither is China              d. so China is

Anggi     :    What’s the problem of your country?
Benigno :   The lack of food. Many people will starve … (59) the government does not solve the problem.
Anggi     :    You’re right. The population growth is one of the problems in some countries.
Benigno :   If we can’t control the population growth, it … (60) a big problem later.

59.  a. if                                        c. and
b. or                                      d. but

60.  a. is                                       c. will be
b. be       d. is being

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